• Adamant Vanguard

    Adamant Vanguard

    Foreunnrer AI construct with damaged memory and powerful weapons.
  • Corbin Redclaw

    Corbin Redclaw

    Cathar Jedi in hiding.
  • Deckland Kane

    Deckland Kane

    Jedi loremaster whos master was recently killed by a Imperial Jedi kill team composed of Sith Lords.
  • Isara


    UNSC AI designed with infiltration and tactical protocols.
  • Commander James Cutter

    Commander James Cutter

    UNSC officer who helped the players join the UNSC.
  • Imbricate Fulcrum

    Imbricate Fulcrum

    A Forerunner Defender class AI. He currently resides in and runs the Defender Prime Station.
  • Proffesor Ellen Anders

    Proffesor Ellen Anders

    Anders is a brilliant young sientist working aboard the UNSC Diplomacy. She is a speicalist in Forerunner technology and has been tyring to get a cloaser look at Adamant Vanguard.
  • Sergeant Major John Forge

    Sergeant Major John Forge

    Probably the most badass marine you will ever meet.